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HaDeFi® with new website

New design for the EuroShop 2020

In addition to our participation at the EuroShop 2020 in Düsseldorf we have also relaunched the HaDeFi® website.

The structure of the product portfolio was adapted to the needs of our customers.

The material (HDF and solid cardboard) which is used for the display now guides you. The patented 3D-set with 5 mm HDF material for heavy duty applications received its own position.

This classifies the material according to its load-bearing capacity. So we now have the 3D set with the highest stability over the HDF perforated panel to the perforated solid cardboard panel.

Within the different materials you now simply choose from the surface options or the options you need for the construction (construction options) of your display.

With HaDeFi® the gap between metal panels and perforated panels made of corrugated cardboard is filled. (see below diagram “Market for merchandise-carrying displays”).

The most sophisticated brand for perforated display panels

HaDeFi® is the backbone of your display. It carries products, provides support and stability at reliable high quality.

The best of different materials combined in a new product. Learn more about the variants and possibilities with cardboard, HDF and the 3D-Set.